Monday, February 25, 2008

Sweet, Simple....Beautiful

Each day when I enter the foyer of my home or come down the stairs, this little bird perched on a wrought iron plant stand catches my eye. It dawned on me yesterday, that I am looking for it there everyday rather than it "catching my eye." I realized that it is the sweet nature of it that draws me near and gives me a little smile. Somethings just do that to you. Like a super tight, cheek to cheek hug from your child. It causes that swell of happiness.

That is what we two birds are all about. Finding those sweet, simple, beautiful things around you that bring you beauty and happiness. We also look to find those treasures that make us feel a little something or inspire us to create! So, visit us often to see what we turn up with and how we add our special something to make it Sweet, Simple and Beautiful.....

Little treasures from yesterday's outing.