Monday, March 3, 2008

The Easter Bunnies Are Here!

Spring has sprung at the Birds Shoppe! We have been busy crafting and creating the loveliest Easter treats. With vintage bunnies and chicks in some yummy pastel shades, we are sharing our hand-made treasures to make your Easter extra special. Hop on over to our Birds of a Feather Shoppe and our Etsy Shoppe to get these sweet treats for your little nest!

Fill these hanging baskets with all kinds of treats for your Easter bunnies and chicks.

Greet your family and friends this Easter with this sweet Egg Tree. Add your favorite cards and treats for your own Easter creation. Enjoy this hand painted tree all year round by changing and adding goodies for each holiday and special occasion in your home.

Or send this vintage Easter bunny Tag to a friend to remind them that you are thinking of them this Easter Season.

Thank you for Visiting Birds of a Feather. We wish you and your families a very Happy Easter. May it be filled with beautiful things and wonderful memories.


Lee W. said...

nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Just lovely! Very creative displays of items and charming discriptives. Much good luck in your new venture together, Lee and Tammy. So proud and happy for you.
Mom "C"

Anonymous said...

The buttons are beautiful. Can't wait to see your new jewelry creations.
Of the two "Easter Basket" cones I came home with, one was to be a gift, but found I couldn't part with either one, so-o-o they're mine to enjoy!
Your Mom, of course.